FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Who is responsible for this?
Steve Atkins of Word to the Wise.
What else do you do?
  1. Consulting on email issues, including delivery problems, policy and procedure development, best practices.
  2. We develop Abacus, a high performance email management software for abuse desks, security desks and ESPs.
  3. Technical assistance and expert witness services for lawyers working on Internet related cases, especially user identification, DNS and email issues.
How do I contact you?

Data Sources

Where does the data come from?
All the data displayed on this site is from publicly available data sources. That include the global DNS system, and data mirrored from other sites.


How is DNS resolution handled?
Many of the tools here use DNS as part of their functionality. Mostly they use a local DNS resolver, rather than contacting authoritative servers directly. Usually that would lead to a problem of "bad" results being cached, when you're modifying your DNS while using this site to examine it - we avoid that by using a modified DNS resolver that discards all cached data after no more than sixty seconds, regardless of the TTL of the records.